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haddop DistCpOptionSwitch 代码


 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
 * or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
 * distributed with this work for additional information
 * regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
 * to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
 * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
 * with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
 *     http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

package org.apache.hadoop.tools;

import org.apache.commons.cli.Option;
import org.apache.hadoop.classification.InterfaceStability;
import org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration;

 * Enumeration mapping configuration keys to distcp command line
 * options.
public enum DistCpOptionSwitch {

   * Ignores any failures during copy, and continues with rest.
   * Logs failures in a file
      new Option("i", false, "Ignore failures during copy")),

   * Preserves status of file/path in the target.
   * Default behavior with -p, is to preserve replication,
   * block size, user, group, permission, checksum type and timestamps on the 
   * target file. Note that when preserving checksum type, block size is also 
   * preserved.
   * If any of the optional switches are present among rbugpcaxt, then
   * only the corresponding file attribute is preserved.
      new Option("p", true, "preserve status (rbugpcaxte)(replication, " +
          "block-size, user, group, permission, checksum-type, ACL, XATTR, " +
          "timestamps, erasure coding policy). If -p is specified with no "
          + "<arg>, then "
          + "preserves " +
          "replication, block size, user, group, permission, checksum type " +
          "and timestamps. " +
          "raw.* xattrs are preserved when both the source and destination " +
          "paths are in the /.reserved/raw hierarchy (HDFS only). raw.* xattr" +
          "preservation is independent of the -p flag. " +
          "Erasure coding policy is only preserved when both source and "
          + "destination are of HDFS"+
          "Refer to the DistCp documentation for more details.")),

   * Update target location by copying only files that are missing
   * in the target. This can be used to periodically sync two folders
   * across source and target. Typically used with DELETE_MISSING
   * Incompatible with ATOMIC_COMMIT
      new Option("update", false, "Update target, copying only missing" +
          " files or directories")),

   * Deletes missing files in target that are missing from source.
   * This allows the target to be in sync with the source contents
   * Typically used in conjunction with SYNC_FOLDERS
   * Incompatible with ATOMIC_COMMIT
      new Option("delete", false, "Delete from target, " +
          "files missing in source. Delete is applicable only with update or overwrite options")),

   * Track missing files in target that are missing from source
   * This allows for other applications to complete the synchronization,
   * possibly with object-store-specific delete algorithms.
   * Typically used in conjunction with SYNC_FOLDERS
   * Incompatible with ATOMIC_COMMIT
      new Option("xtrack", true,
          "Save information about missing source files to the"
              + " specified directory")),

   * Number of threads for building source file listing (before map-reduce
   * phase, max one listStatus per thread at a time).
      new Option("numListstatusThreads", true, "Number of threads to " +
          "use for building file listing (max " +
          DistCpOptions.MAX_NUM_LISTSTATUS_THREADS + ").")),
   * Max number of maps to use during copy. DistCp will split work
   * as equally as possible among these maps
      new Option("m", true, "Max number of concurrent maps to use for copy")),

   * Source file listing can be provided to DistCp in a file.
   * This allows DistCp to copy random list of files from source
   * and copy them to target
      new Option("f", true, "List of files that need to be copied")),

   * Copy all the source files and commit them atomically to the target
   * This is typically useful in cases where there is a process
   * polling for availability of a file/dir. This option is incompatible
      new Option("atomic", false, "Commit all changes or none")),

   * Work path to be used only in conjunction in Atomic commit
      new Option("tmp", true, "Intermediate work path to be used for atomic commit")),

   * Log path where distcp output logs are written to
      new Option("log", true, "Folder on DFS where distcp execution logs are saved")),

   * Log additional info (path, size) in the SKIP/COPY log.
      new Option("v", false,
          "Log additional info (path, size) in the SKIP/COPY log")),

   * Copy strategy is use. This could be dynamic or uniform size etc.
   * DistCp would use an appropriate input format based on this.
      new Option("strategy", true, "Copy strategy to use. Default is " +
          "dividing work based on file sizes")),

   * Skip CRC checks between source and target, when determining what
   * files need to be copied.
      new Option("skipcrccheck", false, "Whether to skip CRC checks between " +
          "source and target paths.")),

   * Overwrite target-files unconditionally.
      new Option("overwrite", false, "Choose to overwrite target files " +
          "unconditionally, even if they exist.")),

      new Option("append", false,
          "Reuse existing data in target files and append new data to them if possible")),

      new Option("diff", false,
      "Use snapshot diff report to identify the difference between source and target"),

      new Option("rdiff", false,
      "Use target snapshot diff report to identify changes made on target"),

   * Should DisctpExecution be blocking
      new Option("async", false, "Should distcp execution be blocking")),

      new Option("filelimit", true, "(Deprecated!) Limit number of files " +
              "copied to <= n")),

      new Option("sizelimit", true, "(Deprecated!) Limit number of files " +
              "copied to <= n bytes")),

      new Option("blocksperchunk", true, "If set to a positive value, files"
          + "with more blocks than this value will be split into chunks of "
          + "<blocksperchunk> blocks to be transferred in parallel, and "
          + "reassembled on the destination. By default, <blocksperchunk> is "
          + "0 and the files will be transmitted in their entirety without "
          + "splitting. This switch is only applicable when the source file "
          + "system implements getBlockLocations method and the target file "
          + "system implements concat method")),

   * Configurable copy buffer size.
      new Option("copybuffersize", true, "Size of the copy buffer to use. "
          + "By default <copybuffersize> is "
          + DistCpConstants.COPY_BUFFER_SIZE_DEFAULT + "B.")),

   * Specify bandwidth per map in MB, accepts bandwidth as a fraction
      new Option("bandwidth", true, "Specify bandwidth per map in MB,"
          + " accepts bandwidth as a fraction.")),

   * Path containing a list of strings, which when found in the path of
   * a file to be copied excludes that file from the copy job.
      new Option("filters", true, "The path to a file containing a list of"
          + " strings for paths to be excluded from the copy.")),

   * Write directly to the final location, avoiding the creation and rename
   * of temporary files.
   * This is typically useful in cases where the target filesystem
   * implementation does not support atomic rename operations, such as with
   * the S3AFileSystem which translates file renames to potentially very
   * expensive copy-then-delete operations.
      new Option("direct", false, "Write files directly to the"
          + " target location, avoiding temporary file rename.")),

      new Option("useiterator", false,
          "Use single threaded list status iterator to build "
              + "the listing to save the memory utilisation at the client")),

      new Option("updateRoot", false,
      "Update root directory attributes "
          + "(eg permissions, ownership ...)"));

  public static final String PRESERVE_STATUS_DEFAULT = "-prbugpct";
  private final String confLabel;
  private final Option option;

  DistCpOptionSwitch(String confLabel, Option option) {
    this.confLabel = confLabel;
    this.option = option;

  DistCpOptionSwitch(String confLabel, Option option, int argNum) {
    this(confLabel, option);

   * Get Configuration label for the option
   * @return configuration label name
  public String getConfigLabel() {
    return confLabel;

   * Get CLI Option corresponding to the distcp option
   * @return option
  public Option getOption() {
    return option;

   * Get Switch symbol
   * @return switch symbol char
  public String getSwitch() {
    return option.getOpt();

  public String toString() {
    return  super.name() + " {" +
        "confLabel='" + confLabel + '\'' +
        ", option=" + option + '}';

   * Helper function to add an option to hadoop configuration object
   * @param conf - Configuration object to include the option
   * @param option - Option to add
   * @param value - Value
  public static void addToConf(Configuration conf,
                               DistCpOptionSwitch option,
                               String value) {
    conf.set(option.getConfigLabel(), value);

   * Helper function to set an option to hadoop configuration object
   * @param conf - Configuration object to include the option
   * @param option - Option to add
  public static void addToConf(Configuration conf,
                               DistCpOptionSwitch option) {
    conf.set(option.getConfigLabel(), "true");


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