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  • 2023-10-30
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Development of Performance Tracing (Native)


hiTraceMeter provides APIs for system performance tracing. You can call the APIs provided by the hiTraceMeter module in your own service logic to effectively track service processes and check the system performance.

NOTE - This development guide is applicable only when you use Native APIs for application development. For details about APIs, see API Reference. - For details about how to use ArkTS APIs for application development, see Development Guidelines and API Reference.

Available APIs

API Description
void OH_HiTrace_StartTrace(const char* name) Starts a synchronous time slice trace.
void OH_HiTrace_FinishTrace() Ends a synchronous time slice trace.
void OH_HiTrace_StartAsyncTrace(const char* name, int32_t taskId) Starts an asynchronous time slice trace.
void OH_HiTrace_FinishAsyncTrace(const char* name, int32_t taskId) Ends an asynchronous time slice trace.
void OH_HiTrace_CountTrace(const char* name, int64_t count) Performs an integer trace.

Parameter Description

Name Type Mandatory Description
name string No Name of the variable.
taskId number No ID used to indicate the association of APIs in a trace. If multiple traces with the same name need to be performed at the same time or a trace needs to be performed multiple times concurrently, different task IDs must be specified in startTrace.
count number No Value of the variable.

Development Example

  1. Add the link of libhitrace_ndk.z.so to CMakeLists.txt. target_link_libraries(entry PUBLIC libhitrace_ndk.z.so)
  2. Reference the hitrace header file in the source file. c++ #include "hitrace/trace.h"
  3. Open the hdc shell and run the hitrace –trace_begin app command to enable the trace function. shell capturing trace...
  4. Perform a performance trace. The following uses asynchronous trace as an example. c++ OH_HiTrace_StartAsyncTrace("hitraceTest", 123); OH_HiTrace_FinishAsyncTrace("hitraceTest", 123);
  5. Run the hitrace –trace_dump|grep hitraceTest command to view the trace result. shell <...>-2477 (-------) [001] .... 396.427165: tracing_mark_write: S|2477|H:hitraceTest 123 <...>-2477 (-------) [001] .... 396.427196: tracing_mark_write: F|2477|H:hitraceTest 123


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