greenplumn CJobGroupExpressionOptimization 源码

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greenplumn CJobGroupExpressionOptimization 代码


//	Greenplum Database
//	Copyright (C) 2011 EMC Corp.
//	@filename:
//		CJobGroupExpressionOptimization.h
//	@doc:
//		Explore group expression job
#ifndef GPOPT_CJobGroupExpressionOptimization_H
#define GPOPT_CJobGroupExpressionOptimization_H

#include "gpos/base.h"

#include "gpopt/base/COptimizationContext.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupExpression.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobStateMachine.h"

namespace gpopt
using namespace gpos;

// prototypes
class CCostContext;

//	@class:
//		CJobGroupExpressionOptimization
//	@doc:
//		Group expression optimization job
//		Responsible for finding the best plan rooted by a given group
//		expression, such that the identified plan satisfies given required plan
//		properties. Note that a group optimization job entails running a group
//		expression optimization job for each group expression in the underlying
//		group.
class CJobGroupExpressionOptimization : public CJobGroupExpression
	// transition events of group expression optimization
	enum EEvent
		eevOptimizingChildren,	// child groups optimization is in progress
		eevChildrenOptimized,	// done with children optimization
		eevCheckingEnfdProps,	// check enforceable properties
		eevOptimizingSelf,		// cost computation is in progress
		eevSelfOptimized,		// done with costing group expression
		eevFinalized,			// done with optimization


	// states of group expression optimization
	enum EState
		estInitialized = 0,		// initial state
		estOptimizingChildren,	// child groups are under optimization
		estChildrenOptimized,	// child groups are optimized
		estEnfdPropsChecked,	// enforceable properties are checked
		estSelfOptimized,		// group expression cost is computed
		estCompleted,			// done optimization


	// shorthand for job state machine
	using JSM = CJobStateMachine<EState, estSentinel, EEvent, eevSentinel>;

	// job state machine
	JSM m_jsm;

	// optimization context of the job
	COptimizationContext *m_poc;

	// optimization request number
	ULONG m_ulOptReq;

	// array of child groups optimization contexts
	COptimizationContextArray *m_pdrgpoc;

	// stats context to be used during costing
	IStatisticsArray *m_pdrgpstatCurrentCtxt;

	// array of derived properties of optimal implementations of child groups
	CDrvdPropArray *m_pdrgpdp;

	// optimization order of children
	CPhysical::EChildExecOrder m_eceo;

	// counter of next child group to be optimized
	ULONG m_ulChildIndex;

	// number of children
	ULONG m_ulArity;

	// flag to indicate if optimizing a child has failed
	BOOL m_fChildOptimizationFailed;

	// flag to indicate if current job optimizes a Sequence operator that captures a CTE
	BOOL m_fOptimizeCTESequence;

	// plan properties required from CTE producer based on consumer derived plan properties
	CReqdPropPlan *m_prppCTEProducer;

	// flag to indicate if a child job for optimizing CTE has been scheduled
	BOOL m_fScheduledCTEOptimization;

	// a handle object for required plan properties computation
	CExpressionHandle *m_pexprhdlPlan;

	// a handle object for required relational property computation
	CExpressionHandle *m_pexprhdlRel;

	// initialization routine for child groups optimization
	void InitChildGroupsOptimization(CSchedulerContext *psc);

	// derive plan properties and stats of the child previous to the one being optimized
	void DerivePrevChildProps(CSchedulerContext *psc);

	// compute required plan properties for current child
	void ComputeCurrentChildRequirements(CSchedulerContext *psc);

	// initialize action
	static EEvent EevtInitialize(CSchedulerContext *psc, CJob *pj);

	// optimize child groups action
	static EEvent EevtOptimizeChildren(CSchedulerContext *psc, CJob *pj);

	// add enforcers to the owning group
	static EEvent EevtAddEnforcers(CSchedulerContext *psc, CJob *pj);

	// optimize group expression action
	static EEvent EevtOptimizeSelf(CSchedulerContext *psc, CJob *pj);

	// finalize action
	static EEvent EevtFinalize(CSchedulerContext *psc, CJob *pj);

	// schedule a new group expression optimization job for CTE optimization
	static BOOL FScheduleCTEOptimization(CSchedulerContext *psc,
										 CGroupExpression *pgexpr,
										 COptimizationContext *poc,
										 ULONG ulOptReq, CJob *pjParent);

	// schedule transformation jobs for applicable xforms
	ScheduleApplicableTransformations(CSchedulerContext *  // psc
									  ) override
		// no transformations are applicable to this job

	// schedule optimization jobs for all child groups
	void ScheduleChildGroupsJobs(CSchedulerContext *psc) override;

	CJobGroupExpressionOptimization(const CJobGroupExpressionOptimization &) =

	// ctor

	// dtor
	~CJobGroupExpressionOptimization() override;

	// initialize job
	void Init(CGroupExpression *pgexpr, COptimizationContext *poc,
			  ULONG ulOptReq, CReqdPropPlan *prppCTEProducer = nullptr);

	// cleanup internal state
	void Cleanup() override;

	// schedule a new group expression optimization job
	static void ScheduleJob(CSchedulerContext *psc, CGroupExpression *pgexpr,
							COptimizationContext *poc, ULONG ulOptReq,
							CJob *pjParent);

	// job's function
	BOOL FExecute(CSchedulerContext *psc) override;


	// print function
	IOstream &OsPrint(IOstream &os) const override;

	// dump state machine diagram in graphviz format
	virtual IOstream &
	OsDiagramToGraphviz(CMemoryPool *mp, IOstream &os,
						const WCHAR *wszTitle) const
		(void) m_jsm.OsDiagramToGraphviz(mp, os, wszTitle);

		return os;

	// compute unreachable states
	Unreachable(CMemoryPool *mp, EState **ppestate, ULONG *pulSize) const
		m_jsm.Unreachable(mp, ppestate, pulSize);

#endif	// GPOS_DEBUG

	// conversion function
	static CJobGroupExpressionOptimization *
	PjConvert(CJob *pj)
		GPOS_ASSERT(nullptr != pj);
		GPOS_ASSERT(EjtGroupExpressionOptimization == pj->Ejt());

		return dynamic_cast<CJobGroupExpressionOptimization *>(pj);

};	// class CJobGroupExpressionOptimization

}  // namespace gpopt

#endif	// !GPOPT_CJobGroupExpressionOptimization_H

// EOF


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