greenplumn CJobFactory 源码

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greenplumn CJobFactory 代码


//	Greenplum Database
//	Copyright (C) 2011 EMC Corp.
//	@filename:
//		CJobFactory.h
//	@doc:
//		Highly concurrent job factory;
//		Uses bulk memory allocation and atomic primitives to
//		create and recycle jobs with minimal sychronization;
#ifndef GPOPT_CJobFactory_H
#define GPOPT_CJobFactory_H

#include "gpos/base.h"
#include "gpos/common/CSyncPool.h"

#include "gpopt/search/CJob.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupExploration.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupExpressionExploration.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupExpressionImplementation.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupExpressionOptimization.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupImplementation.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobGroupOptimization.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobTest.h"
#include "gpopt/search/CJobTransformation.h"

namespace gpopt
using namespace gpos;

//	@class:
//		CJobFactory
//	@doc:
//		Highly concurrent job factory
//		The factory uses bulk memory allocation to create and recycle jobs with
//		minimal synchronization. The factory maintains a lock-free list defined
//		by the class CSyncPool for each job type. This allows concurrent
//		retrieval of jobs from the lists without the need for synchronization
//		through heavy locking operations.
//		A lock-free list is pre-allocated as an array of given size. The
//		allocation of lock-free lists happens lazily when the first job of a
//		given type is created.
//		Each job is given a unique id. When a job needs to be retrieved from
//		the list, atomic operations are used to reserve a free job object and
//		return it to the caller.
class CJobFactory
	// memory pool
	CMemoryPool *m_mp;

	// number of jobs in each pool
	const ULONG m_ulJobs;

	// container for testing jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobTest> *m_pspjTest;

	// container for group optimization jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobGroupOptimization> *m_pspjGroupOptimization;

	// container for group implementation jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobGroupImplementation> *m_pspjGroupImplementation;

	// container for group exploration jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobGroupExploration> *m_pspjGroupExploration;

	// container for group expression optimization jobs

	// container for group expression implementation jobs

	// container for group expression exploration jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobGroupExpressionExploration> *m_pspjGroupExpressionExploration;

	// container for transformation jobs
	CSyncPool<CJobTransformation> *m_pspjTransformation;

	// retrieve job of specific type
	template <class T>
	T *
	PtRetrieve(CSyncPool<T> *&pspt)
		if (nullptr == pspt)
			pspt = GPOS_NEW(m_mp) CSyncPool<T>(m_mp, m_ulJobs);
			pspt->Init(GPOS_OFFSET(T, m_id));

		return pspt->PtRetrieve();

	// release job
	template <class T>
	Release(T *pt, CSyncPool<T> *pspt)
		GPOS_ASSERT(nullptr != pt);
		GPOS_ASSERT(nullptr != pspt);


	// truncate job pool
	template <class T>
	TruncatePool(CSyncPool<T> *&pspt)
		pspt = nullptr;

	CJobFactory(const CJobFactory &) = delete;

	// ctor
	CJobFactory(CMemoryPool *mp, ULONG ulJobs);

	// dtor

	// create job of specific type
	CJob *PjCreate(CJob::EJobType ejt);

	// release completed job
	void Release(CJob *pj);

	// truncate the container for the specific job type
	void Truncate(CJob::EJobType ejt);

};	// class CJobFactory

}  // namespace gpopt

#endif	// !GPOPT_CJobFactory_H

// EOF


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