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  • 2023-10-30
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Overview of ArkTS Common Library

The ArkTS common library provides common basic capabilities, as illustrated in the figure below.

Figure 1 Capabilities of the ArkTS common library


  • Supporting asynchronous concurrency and multithread concurrency

    • Supports standard JavaScript asynchronous concurrency capabilities such as Promise and async/await.
    • Uses TaskPool to provide a multithread running environment for applications. The use of TaskPool helps reduce resource consumption and improve system performance. It also frees you from caring about the lifecycle of thread instances.
    • Uses Worker to support multithread concurrency. The worker thread can communicate with the host thread. You need to proactively create and close a worker thread.
  • Providing common capabilities of adding, deleting, modifying, and querying elements in containers

  • Constructing and parsing XML files, URLs, and URIs

    • Extensible Markup Language (XML) is designed for data transmission and storage. The common library provides APIs for XML generation, parsing, and conversion.
    • URI is a uniform resource identifier that uniquely identifies a resource. URL is a uniform resource locator that provides a path for locating a resource.
  • Supporting common string and binary data processing and logging

    • Provides APIs to encode and decode strings.
    • Provides APIs to encode and decode Base64-encoded bytes.
    • Supports common rational number operations, including comparing rational numbers and obtaining numerators and denominators.
    • Provides Scope APIs to define the valid range of a field.
    • Provides APIs to process binary data in scenarios such as TCP flows or file system operations.
    • Supports logging using the console.
  • Providing the capability of obtaining process information and operating processes


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