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kubernetes package 代码


Copyright 2015 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package protobuf

import (


func newProtobufPackage(packagePath, packageName string, generateAll bool, omitFieldTypes map[types.Name]struct{}) *protobufPackage {
	pkg := &protobufPackage{
		DefaultPackage: generator.DefaultPackage{
			// The protobuf package name (foo.bar.baz)
			PackageName: packageName,
			// A path segment relative to the GOPATH root (foo/bar/baz)
			PackagePath: packagePath,
			HeaderText: []byte(
// This file was autogenerated by go-to-protobuf. Do not edit it manually!

			PackageDocumentation: []byte(fmt.Sprintf(
				`// Package %s is an autogenerated protobuf IDL.
`, packageName)),
		GenerateAll:    generateAll,
		OmitFieldTypes: omitFieldTypes,
	pkg.FilterFunc = pkg.filterFunc
	pkg.GeneratorFunc = pkg.generatorFunc
	return pkg

// protobufPackage contains the protobuf implementation of Package.
type protobufPackage struct {

	// If true, this package has been vendored into our source tree and thus can
	// only be generated by changing the vendor tree.
	Vendored bool

	// If true, generate protobuf serializations for all public types.
	// If false, only generate protobuf serializations for structs that
	// request serialization.
	GenerateAll bool

	// A list of types to filter to; if not specified all types will be included.
	FilterTypes map[types.Name]struct{}

	// If true, omit any gogoprotobuf extensions not defined as types.
	OmitGogo bool

	// A list of field types that will be excluded from the output struct
	OmitFieldTypes map[types.Name]struct{}

	// A list of names that this package exports
	LocalNames map[string]struct{}

	// A list of type names in this package that will need marshaller rewriting
	// to remove synthetic protobuf fields.
	OptionalTypeNames map[string]struct{}

	// A list of struct tags to generate onto named struct fields
	StructTags map[string]map[string]string

	// An import tracker for this package
	Imports *ImportTracker

func (p *protobufPackage) Clean(outputBase string) error {
	for _, s := range []string{p.ImportPath(), p.OutputPath()} {
		if err := os.Remove(filepath.Join(outputBase, s)); err != nil && !os.IsNotExist(err) {
			return err
	return nil

func (p *protobufPackage) ProtoTypeName() types.Name {
	return types.Name{
		Name:    p.Path(),       // the go path "foo/bar/baz"
		Package: p.Name(),       // the protobuf package "foo.bar.baz"
		Path:    p.ImportPath(), // the path of the import to get the proto

func (p *protobufPackage) filterFunc(c *generator.Context, t *types.Type) bool {
	switch t.Kind {
	case types.Func, types.Chan:
		return false
	case types.Struct:
		if t.Name.Name == "struct{}" {
			return false
	case types.Builtin:
		return false
	case types.Alias:
		if !isOptionalAlias(t) {
			return false
	case types.Slice, types.Array, types.Map:
		return false
	case types.Pointer:
		return false
	if _, ok := isFundamentalProtoType(t); ok {
		return false
	_, ok := p.FilterTypes[t.Name]
	return ok

func (p *protobufPackage) HasGoType(name string) bool {
	_, ok := p.LocalNames[name]
	return ok

func (p *protobufPackage) OptionalTypeName(name string) bool {
	_, ok := p.OptionalTypeNames[name]
	return ok

func (p *protobufPackage) ExtractGeneratedType(t *ast.TypeSpec) bool {
	if !p.HasGoType(t.Name.Name) {
		return false

	switch s := t.Type.(type) {
	case *ast.StructType:
		for i, f := range s.Fields.List {
			if len(f.Tag.Value) == 0 {
			tag := strings.Trim(f.Tag.Value, "`")
			protobufTag := reflect.StructTag(tag).Get("protobuf")
			if len(protobufTag) == 0 {
			if len(f.Names) > 1 {
				log.Printf("WARNING: struct %s field %d %s: defined multiple names but single protobuf tag", t.Name.Name, i, f.Names[0].Name)
				// TODO hard error?
			if p.StructTags == nil {
				p.StructTags = make(map[string]map[string]string)
			m := p.StructTags[t.Name.Name]
			if m == nil {
				m = make(map[string]string)
				p.StructTags[t.Name.Name] = m
			m[f.Names[0].Name] = tag
		log.Printf("WARNING: unexpected Go AST type definition: %#v", t)

	return true

func (p *protobufPackage) generatorFunc(c *generator.Context) []generator.Generator {
	generators := []generator.Generator{}


	generators = append(generators, &genProtoIDL{
		DefaultGen: generator.DefaultGen{
			OptionalName: "generated",
		localPackage:   types.Name{Package: p.PackageName, Path: p.PackagePath},
		localGoPackage: types.Name{Package: p.PackagePath, Name: p.GoPackageName()},
		imports:        p.Imports,
		generateAll:    p.GenerateAll,
		omitGogo:       p.OmitGogo,
		omitFieldTypes: p.OmitFieldTypes,
	return generators

func (p *protobufPackage) GoPackageName() string {
	return filepath.Base(p.PackagePath)

func (p *protobufPackage) ImportPath() string {
	return filepath.Join(p.PackagePath, "generated.proto")

func (p *protobufPackage) OutputPath() string {
	return filepath.Join(p.PackagePath, "generated.pb.go")

var (
	_ = generator.Package(&protobufPackage{})


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