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The native_audiostreambuilder.h file declares the functions related to the audio stream builder.

You can use the functions to create and destroy an audio stream builder, set audio stream attributes, and set callbacks.

\@syscap SystemCapability.Multimedia.Audio.Core



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Name Description
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_Create (OH_AudioStreamBuilder **builder, OH_AudioStream_Type type) Creates an audio stream builder, which can be an audio renderer or capturer.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_Destroy (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder) Destroys an audio stream builder.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetSamplingRate (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, int32_t rate) Sets the sampling rate of an audio stream.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetChannelCount (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, int32_t channelCount) Sets the number of channels for an audio stream.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetSampleFormat (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioStream_SampleFormat format) Sets the sampling format of an audio stream.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetEncodingType (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioStream_EncodingType encodingType) Sets the encoding type of an audio stream.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetLatencyMode (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioStream_LatencyMode latencyMode) Sets the latency mode of an audio stream.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetRendererInfo (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioStream_Usage usage) Sets the usage scenario of an audio renderer.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetCapturerInfo (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioStream_SourceType sourceType) Sets the usage scenario of an audio capturer.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetRendererCallback (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioRenderer_Callbacks callbacks, void *userData) Sets callbacks for an audio renderer.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_SetCapturerCallback (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioCapturer_Callbacks callbacks, void *userData) Sets callbacks for an audio capturer.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_GenerateRenderer (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioRenderer **audioRenderer) Creates an audio renderer instance.
OH_AudioStreamBuilder_GenerateCapturer (OH_AudioStreamBuilder *builder, OH_AudioCapturer **audioCapturer) Creates an audio capturer instance.


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