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kubernetes generic 代码


Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package generators

import (

	clientgentypes "k8s.io/code-generator/cmd/client-gen/types"
	codegennamer "k8s.io/code-generator/pkg/namer"

// genericGenerator generates the generic informer.
type genericGenerator struct {
	outputPackage        string
	imports              namer.ImportTracker
	groupVersions        map[string]clientgentypes.GroupVersions
	groupGoNames         map[string]string
	pluralExceptions     map[string]string
	typesForGroupVersion map[clientgentypes.GroupVersion][]*types.Type
	filtered             bool

var _ generator.Generator = &genericGenerator{}

func (g *genericGenerator) Filter(c *generator.Context, t *types.Type) bool {
	if !g.filtered {
		g.filtered = true
		return true
	return false

func (g *genericGenerator) Namers(c *generator.Context) namer.NameSystems {
	return namer.NameSystems{
		"raw":                namer.NewRawNamer(g.outputPackage, g.imports),
		"allLowercasePlural": namer.NewAllLowercasePluralNamer(g.pluralExceptions),
		"publicPlural":       namer.NewPublicPluralNamer(g.pluralExceptions),
		"resource":           codegennamer.NewTagOverrideNamer("resourceName", namer.NewAllLowercasePluralNamer(g.pluralExceptions)),

func (g *genericGenerator) Imports(c *generator.Context) (imports []string) {
	imports = append(imports, g.imports.ImportLines()...)
	imports = append(imports, "fmt")

type group struct {
	GroupGoName string
	Name        string
	Versions    []*version

type groupSort []group

func (g groupSort) Len() int { return len(g) }
func (g groupSort) Less(i, j int) bool {
	return strings.ToLower(g[i].Name) < strings.ToLower(g[j].Name)
func (g groupSort) Swap(i, j int) { g[i], g[j] = g[j], g[i] }

type version struct {
	Name      string
	GoName    string
	Resources []*types.Type

type versionSort []*version

func (v versionSort) Len() int { return len(v) }
func (v versionSort) Less(i, j int) bool {
	return strings.ToLower(v[i].Name) < strings.ToLower(v[j].Name)
func (v versionSort) Swap(i, j int) { v[i], v[j] = v[j], v[i] }

func (g *genericGenerator) GenerateType(c *generator.Context, t *types.Type, w io.Writer) error {
	sw := generator.NewSnippetWriter(w, c, "{{", "}}")

	groups := []group{}
	schemeGVs := make(map[*version]*types.Type)

	orderer := namer.Orderer{Namer: namer.NewPrivateNamer(0)}
	for groupPackageName, groupVersions := range g.groupVersions {
		group := group{
			GroupGoName: g.groupGoNames[groupPackageName],
			Name:        groupVersions.Group.NonEmpty(),
			Versions:    []*version{},
		for _, v := range groupVersions.Versions {
			gv := clientgentypes.GroupVersion{Group: groupVersions.Group, Version: v.Version}
			version := &version{
				Name:      v.Version.NonEmpty(),
				GoName:    namer.IC(v.Version.NonEmpty()),
				Resources: orderer.OrderTypes(g.typesForGroupVersion[gv]),
			func() {
				schemeGVs[version] = c.Universe.Variable(types.Name{Package: g.typesForGroupVersion[gv][0].Name.Package, Name: "SchemeGroupVersion"})
			group.Versions = append(group.Versions, version)
		groups = append(groups, group)

	m := map[string]interface{}{
		"cacheGenericLister":         c.Universe.Type(cacheGenericLister),
		"cacheNewGenericLister":      c.Universe.Function(cacheNewGenericLister),
		"cacheSharedIndexInformer":   c.Universe.Type(cacheSharedIndexInformer),
		"groups":                     groups,
		"schemeGVs":                  schemeGVs,
		"schemaGroupResource":        c.Universe.Type(schemaGroupResource),
		"schemaGroupVersionResource": c.Universe.Type(schemaGroupVersionResource),

	sw.Do(genericInformer, m)
	sw.Do(forResource, m)

	return sw.Error()

var genericInformer = `
// GenericInformer is type of SharedIndexInformer which will locate and delegate to other
// sharedInformers based on type
type GenericInformer interface {
	Informer() {{.cacheSharedIndexInformer|raw}}
	Lister() {{.cacheGenericLister|raw}}

type genericInformer struct {
	informer {{.cacheSharedIndexInformer|raw}}
	resource {{.schemaGroupResource|raw}}

// Informer returns the SharedIndexInformer.
func (f *genericInformer) Informer() {{.cacheSharedIndexInformer|raw}} {
	return f.informer

// Lister returns the GenericLister.
func (f *genericInformer) Lister() {{.cacheGenericLister|raw}} {
	return {{.cacheNewGenericLister|raw}}(f.Informer().GetIndexer(), f.resource)

var forResource = `
// ForResource gives generic access to a shared informer of the matching type
// TODO extend this to unknown resources with a client pool
func (f *sharedInformerFactory) ForResource(resource {{.schemaGroupVersionResource|raw}}) (GenericInformer, error) {
	switch resource {
		{{range $group := .groups -}}{{$GroupGoName := .GroupGoName -}}
			{{range $version := .Versions -}}
	// Group={{$group.Name}}, Version={{.Name}}
				{{range .Resources -}}
	case {{index $.schemeGVs $version|raw}}.WithResource("{{.|resource}}"):
		return &genericInformer{resource: resource.GroupResource(), informer: f.{{$GroupGoName}}().{{$version.GoName}}().{{.|publicPlural}}().Informer()}, nil
		{{end -}}

	return nil, fmt.Errorf("no informer found for %v", resource)


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