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  • 2023-10-30
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The image_receiver_mdk.h file declares the APIs for obtaining image data from the native layer.



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Name Description
OhosImageReceiverInfo Defines the information about an image receiver.


Name Description
ImageReceiverNative Defines the data type name of the image receiver at the native layer.
(*OH_Image_Receiver_On_Callback) () Defines the callbacks for the image interface at the native layer.


Name Description
OH_Image_Receiver_CreateImageReceiver (napi_env env, struct OhosImageReceiverInfo info, napi_value *res) Creates an ImageReceiver object at the application layer.
OH_Image_Receiver_InitImageReceiverNative (napi_env env, napi_value source) Initializes an ImageReceiverNative object through an ImageReceiver object.
OH_Image_Receiver_GetReceivingSurfaceId (const ImageReceiverNative *native, char *id, size_t len) Obtains the receiver ID through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_ReadLatestImage (const ImageReceiverNative *native, napi_value *image) Obtains the latest image through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_ReadNextImage (const ImageReceiverNative *native, napi_value *image) Obtains the next image through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_On (const ImageReceiverNative *native, OH_Image_Receiver_On_Callback callback) Registers an OH_Image_Receiver_On_Callback callback. This callback is triggered whenever a new image is received.
OH_Image_Receiver_GetSize (const ImageReceiverNative *native, struct OhosImageSize *size) Obtains the size of the image receiver through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_GetCapacity (const ImageReceiverNative *native, int32_t *capacity) Obtains the capacity of the image receiver through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_GetFormat (const ImageReceiverNative *native, int32_t *format) Obtains the format of the image receiver through an ImageReceiverNative object.
OH_Image_Receiver_Release (ImageReceiverNative *native) Releases an ImageReceiverNative object.


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