greenplumn CWindowPreprocessor 源码

  • 2022-08-18
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greenplumn CWindowPreprocessor 代码


//	Greenplum Database
//	Copyright (C) 2015 VMware, Inc. or its affiliates.
//	@filename:
//		CWindowPreprocessor.h
//	@doc:
//		Preprocessing routines of window functions
#ifndef GPOPT_CWindowPreprocessor_H
#define GPOPT_CWindowPreprocessor_H

#include "gpos/base.h"

#include "gpopt/base/COrderSpec.h"
#include "gpopt/base/CWindowFrame.h"
#include "gpopt/operators/CExpression.h"

namespace gpopt
//	@class:
//		CWindowPreprocessor
//	@doc:
//		Preprocessing routines of window functions
class CWindowPreprocessor
	// iterate over project elements and split them elements between Distinct Aggs
	// list, and Others list
	static void SplitPrjList(CMemoryPool *mp, CExpression *pexprSeqPrj,
							 CExpressionArray **ppdrgpexprDistinctAggsPrjElems,
							 CExpressionArray **ppdrgpexprOtherPrjElems,
							 gpopt::COrderSpecArray **ppdrgposOther,
							 gpopt::CWindowFrameArray **ppdrgpwfOther);

	// split given SeqPrj expression into:
	//	- A GbAgg expression containing distinct Aggs, and
	//	- A SeqPrj expression containing all other window functions
	static void SplitSeqPrj(CMemoryPool *mp, CExpression *pexprSeqPrj,
							CExpression **ppexprGbAgg,
							CExpression **ppexprOutputSeqPrj);

	// create a CTE with two consumers using the child expression of Sequence
	// Project
	static void CreateCTE(CMemoryPool *mp, CExpression *pexprSeqPrj,
						  CExpression **ppexprFirstConsumer,
						  CExpression **ppexprSecondConsumer);

	// extract grouping columns from given expression
	static CColRefArray *PdrgpcrGrpCols(CExpression *pexprJoinDQAs);

	// transform sequence project expression into an inner join expression
	static CExpression *PexprSeqPrj2Join(CMemoryPool *mp,
										 CExpression *pexprSeqPrj);

	CWindowPreprocessor(const CWindowPreprocessor &) = delete;

	// main driver
	static CExpression *PexprPreprocess(CMemoryPool *mp, CExpression *pexpr);

};	// class CWindowPreprocessor
}  // namespace gpopt

#endif	// !GPOPT_CWindowPreprocessor_H

// EOF


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